CG Ayurveda is a manufacturing  Company established with a dedication of making Nepal a centre of excellence for manufacturing and development of cutting edge Ayurvedic medicine and wellness solutions. CG Ayurveda has set a high tech Ayurveda medicine manufacturing plant in its industrial complex Chaudhary Udhyog Gram, Nawalparasi, Nepal in collaboration with an internationally renowned organization. Our dedicated team of doctors, pharmacists and therapists has enabled us to deliver excellence and add value to our customers.


The manufacturing unit comprises of scientifically designed facilities equipped with latest machineries, modern quality control lab and equipments for manufacturing, packaging and assurance solely dedicated in the service of Ayurveda.

The next phase includes the establishment of a state-of-the-art Research and Development facility as CG plans to get into the personal care and lifestyle products market. CG Ayurveda aims at touching lives of all our consumers, in all age groups which assures you the best in all products carrying the CG name.


The company operates its products by the brand DIRGHAYU.

Dirghayu, meaning ‘long lived’ is a Sanskrit word. It represents the science of life and longevity.


Its raw materials are extracted from the natural lap of Himalayan Nepal whose purity is long lived from millions of years.

We collect herbs and add value to the same through our grinding and oil extraction unit. We also process the herbs and sell them in the domestic market as well as abroad. The company has been trading medicinal and other spices since last 3 years.



Dirghayu’s   holistic approach is based on understanding the science of life. The benefits of Ayurveda been long known to humankind. It is one of the most popular health treatment and enhancing  methods across several Asian and European countries.

Ayurveda’s major premise involves the symbiosis of mind, body and spirit. Any imbalance in this synthesis results in physical ailments. The entire science of Ayurveda is based on the 'Five Great Elements' (Panchmahabhuta) theory. These five elements are earth (prithvi), water (jal), fire (agni or tej), air (vayu) and ether or space (akash). In popular tradition, the universe is understood to be made up of these elements.


This clearly depicts that the entire science of Ayurveda and the universe work hand in hand,providing the best solution to the human body.

Dirghayu , offers a wide range of products that will go a long way in helping to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


To redefine CG Ayurveda as a safe, effective & trustworthy company that people can rely upon for the enhancement of good health by providing
nature-based solutions for a healthy and holistic lifestyle in Nepal.



  • To promote the quality of human life through our commitment to provide a balanced and holistic way of life.
  • To become a strong research based Ayurveda Company that provides vital and safe health care solutions locally as...
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  • To establish GMP Ayurveda medicine manufacturing Company in Nepal and upgrade as per WHO & ISO standards.
  • To emerge as the best resource for Ayurveda and Health care solutions
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